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Different from flat-die to ring-die

The advantages and disadvantages of flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill
Different strengths and weaknesses of the flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill
The history of the development of the flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill
Start time, ring die pellet machine like the history of the development of football, invented by our country, but then a worsening recession, and Europe to introduce our ring die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill for further The transformation of this technology into a European patent. International learning of ring die pellet mill, has been flat die pellet mill, but were flat die pellet mill to produce feed, we all know, far less than the flat die pellet mill used to make feed ring The mode of production of ring die pellet machine body is in fact popular, probably into the reform and opening up, China began large-scale introduction of ring die pellet mill, now, ring die pellet mill because of its large output, low power consumption, always preferred doing fine feed at home and abroad.
With the enhancement of environmental awareness in the international community, are increasingly aware of straw, sawdust, urban garbage, etc. can be pressed into pellets and burned, and its burning effect is very good, improved technology by leaps and bounds into five European particle machine growth, by the beginning of the ring die pellet mill, they changed the initial popular flat die pellet mill to suppress crude fiber difficult molding materials.
The following description to make contact only individual particles machine ring die, flat die pellet mill sawdust straw particles.
First, use
1, ring die pellet mill in the suppression of feed especially concentrated feed is indeed a master, its large output, low power consumption, which is flat die pellet mill unmatched. Flat die pellet mill below the ring die pellet mill and other reasons because of its speed, its yield is less than the ring die pellet mill, because of its excessive pressure, suppression of the density of the concentrated feed ring die pellet machine, so in this regard far ahead.
Fine feed materials for corn and soybean meal, etc., viscous easy to shape, does not require a lot of pressure to make the trip, while high temperature granulation for difficult molding sawdust, straw, grass meal, discarded tires crude fiber and urban garbage , sewage treatment, animal manure and other organic fertilizer granulation, this requires a lot of pressure, ring die pellet mill due to its structural constraints, the pressure is not adjustable, suppress these materials will exceed the pressure load, resulting in mold pressure wheel bearings worn or broken. Flat die pellet mill structure is simple, the pressure can be adjusted to adapt to different materials where there is a big advantage.
Another point, although the structural advantages of the flat die pellet machine, less wear and tear, but the crop is smaller, generally in the 300-3000 kg. So want one of these machines to complete production of more than three tons, the choice of ring die pellet mill, while this case is limited to corn stover the granulation, corn stalks easy pressure.
II. Design Principles
1, ring die pellet mill total known ring die pellet mill press wheel size is limited by the ring of mold diameter, the pressure is not adjustable, difficult molding machine designed some pressure in the repression of crude fiber materials such as sawdust peanut skin even if the number of manufacturers in the use of materials and the materials to do it, but that is due to overload of work, great machine wear, mold pressure round leather timely replacement, and the mold can only be used once, subsequent costly.
2 flat pellet mill with three conical pressure round, with a complete steel structure, middle shaft below equipped with heat-treated mold, mold turn driven by the above three pressure rotary pressure adjustable, stable production, The particle density is large, and the die both sides can be used. The flat molded wheel diameter size is not limited mold diameter can increase the interior shaft space, the choice of a queen-size bearings to enhance the capacity of the pressure wheel, the pressing force of the pressure roller and extend the life of.
, Feeding
The flat die material of its own weight into repression room the ring mold material using mechanical force feed the distribution of high-speed centrifugal enter the centrifugal granulation chamber.
In addition, the flat die particles the mechanisms grain room door has three observation materials at any time to clean up, and ease of maintenance of equipment. The high efficiency gear.
Now on the market there are two pressure wheels flat die pellet mill, such particles machine pressed corn stover is also no problem, but the pressure and yield far less than in the three conical pressure roller flat die pellet mill. Pinch roller pressure regulator, three pinch rollers adjust the use thread Sizhu centers, the jacking force one hundred tons, the whereabouts of steady, uniform pressure. Two pressure wheels flat die pellet machine need to be adjusted during the adjustment connecting the two ends of the two pressure wheels, such a case, in the gap of a few millimeters easy high side, the side of the low. Two pressure wheels flat die pellet mill is far less than the utility of the three pinch rollers. Furthermore, the market also has three pressure roller flat die pellet mill, the buyer must be spotted Steel is not one of the three pressure wheel, welding or originally a piece of the three pressure wheel conical or cylindrical, conical synchronization with the rotation, and to solve the problem of the unnecessary wear of the cylindrical press roller.
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